SEO for Finance company

SEO for Finance Company

SEO is great for generating more traffic to your website.

While doing SEO for banks and institutions regarding finance, there are certain focus pockets that we need to be careful about because improper SEO might lead to generating Leeds from the wrong industry part.

While doing SEO for finance sector, we have to be picky about the kind of keywords that are being chosen as the keywords have to be specific tailored keywords as per the requirements and the services that the banks are providing and make their additional features and offers more prominent.

The results for personal loan campaigns are :-

  • Traffic highly increased by 100%.
  • Bounce rate decreased by 50%.
  • Leads immensely increased by 100%.
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Finance is also one of the most competitive industries in the virtual space.

Expanding your brandwidth

Simply improving your rankings on SERPs isn’t enough – you must look to establish/enhance your brand identity, brand name and brand reputation by securing all the top web properties, managing effective social media campaigns, and creating worthwhile content to encourage return visits and grow as a trustworthy brand.

Old school tactics: The 4 P’s

Driving SEO through the four P’s of your business – Product, Price, Promotion and Place – to develop a hard-hitting and comprehensive campaign tailored to fulfill your needs and achieve your goals isn’t such a bad idea.


A thorough research on the language and the specific financial phrases your target audiences use while searching will enable you to optimize landing pages and ensure the best scope for conversion through clicks. Apart from this, ‘eternally highest converting keywords’ should be a part of the overall strategy.

Why Banking Sector need SEO

Most financial advisors meet their clients in person. This shouldn’t be surprising—would you be comfortable to have someone you only met through a PC screen to have so much power over your money? So if you’re a financial advisor you’ll need to focus your SEO efforts in attracting local clients. You do this by using geo-targeted keywords as well as getting your website listed in online directories like Google My Places, and others.

SEO can give you a head start among your competition, as the financial management services industry is huge and crowded. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the US has 249,400 personal financial advisors and by 2024 there will be another 73,900 more.

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