SEO for transport & logistics

Transport & logistic SEO

Digital Solutions That Drive Leads to Your Transportation Business.

Are you looking to get the most out of your digital marketing investment? You need a clear message and a well-developed, tested strategy to stand above to fierce competition you face in the logistic and transportation business.

  • Organic Search Optimization for Your Local Logistic Company.
  • PPC, Remarketing & Sponsored Social Advertising to Your Target Customer
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Campaign to Keep Your Brand Front of Mind
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Linus Solutions has extensive experience in providing marketing services to companies in the transport, supply chain and logistics sectors.

Organic Traffic

Increased traffic means nothing if it’s not relevant. You need to reach people who are genuinely looking for in transport, taxi and black car services and then help them understand that you’re their go-to guy. With good organic SEO exactly pointed at ground transport, you will get qualified leads, reduce the bounce rate and increase your profits. Good, original, relevant and SEO optimized content pushes organic traffic.

Multi Layered SEO

Search isn’t traditional anymore. Now we have search engines on every major social media and sharing publics like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. It is known that well-managed social media effects rankings. Google even made a deal with certain social media sites about including their content into search results. But there are even more types of search, take mobile assistance for example. Google Now, Siri and Cortana are search engines too.

SEO Reports

SEO is practically computable. You will get a plan of our approach and you will immediately see if it brings results – how well selected keywords implement and the status of your rank. We interpret big data and provide simple and easy to understand reports, and not sheets and sheets of useless and confusing data.

Effective E-Mail Content

Effective email content will further deepen your relationship with your audience through subject line writing which gets your message opened. A clear and concise voice gets your message read and helps in delivering niche specific quality content which your prospects and existing customers can share with others. This increases referrals and generates word-of-mouth publicity for your services or products. We make it a number one priority to make sure that you feel confident as well as comfortable while getting the very best in Email marketing services. We use the latest and the most effective tools which prove consistently to be quite effective in propelling your sales volume.

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